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Frisk - The Best Radio Station For Remixes at Frisk Radio - The Rhythm of The North East

Frisk - The Best Radio Station For Remixes

Jess Keller - Reporter at Frisk Radio - The Rhythm of the North East - Playing Fresh Cuts and Flashbacks for Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool and Darlington
Written 5 years ago by Jess Keller News

If you like a good remix, then you'll love Frisk Radio!

We've got hundreds of remixes on our playlist - from old skool classics - to today's hottest chart hits!

What makes a great remix?

We believe a good commercial dance remix includes the full lyrics of the song, and stays true to the original track's progression in terms of verse and chorus's order.

At Frisk, we love a remix with a pounding off-beat bassline, and classic "old skool" piano chords that send shivers down your spine!

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How did remixes come about?

The idea of the remix has been around since electronic music started becoming prominent decades ago. Because so many producers work with samples of pre-existing music, it makes sense that they would be adept at taking a popular song - with permission from the artist of course - and reshaping it into their own creation.

Just as many rising artists become famous or recognized by covering other music, producers get their foot in the door by remixing.

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Jess Keller - Reporter at Frisk Radio
Jess Keller

Music and local news journalist; the way to my heart is melted cheese!

What is Frisk Radio?

What is Frisk Radio?

Frisk Radio is a fresh new station for the North East playing the biggest Dance and R&B Fresh Cuts and Flashbacks.

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