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Kev Laws at Frisk Radio

Get ready to dive into the intriguing world of radio presenter Kev Laws, where every detail unveils a captivating story:

  1. Ink and Artistry: Kev Laws wears his life's journey on his skin, with tattoos that undoubtedly hold tales of adventures and memories. Each inked design could be a map leading to untold stories waiting to be uncovered.

  2. A Quirk of Nature: Beyond the ordinary, Kev Laws boasts webbed toes – a fascinating peculiarity that sets him apart from the crowd. These unique features could be a testament to his individuality and the extraordinary twists life can take.

  3. Brush with Stardom: Kev's life has brushed against glamour and fame, as he once shared a moment with the stunning Kelly Brook. A chance encounter that left such an impression he refrained from washing his hand for two weeks – a testament to the electrifying energy of that single interaction.

  4. Harmony with Legends: Rumour has it that Kev Laws had a hand in the legendary Beatles' story, earning him the unofficial title of the "5th Beatle." Perhaps he contributed a harmony, a hidden chord, or even a secret note that resonated within their iconic tunes.

  5. Melodic Connections: Kev Laws' adventures aren't limited to backstage encounters; he once shared a passionate embrace with a famous female singer from the vibrant 90s era. A memory that could hold the melody of a bygone era, pulsating with the beats of nostalgia.

So, which of these tales dances on the edge of imagination?

We'll leave you to decipher truth from fiction - in the unfathomable tapestry of Kev Laws' extraordinary life...

Meanwhile, tune in for his weekend beats & banter... Saturday & Sunday mornings from 8am!

What is Frisk Radio?

What is Frisk Radio?

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