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Chicane  at Frisk Radio

Since establishing himself in 1997 with the seminal ‘Far From The Maddening Crowds’ & breakout album ‘Behind The Sun’ (2000), through to his second - gen LPs; ‘Somersault’ 2007 and 2010’s ‘Giants’, Nick Bracegirdle has fashioned a flawless and hit-filled album discography.

The roll-call of names he has worked with is diverse and impressive: Bryan Adams, Sir Tom Jones, Natasha Bedingfield, Adam Young, Cher, Kate Walsh, Ferry Corsten, Christian Burns; as well as new and up and coming artists such as the aforementioned Joseph Aquilina, and the Icelandic band Vigri. All of which represent a strategy of not being in one place of being pinned down.

Born in Chalfont St Giles, England Nick Bracegirdle was very quickly acknowledged and applauded for supplying the chillout soundtrack to the seminal and some say, greatest Ibiza period. Indeed, Armin van Buuren is on record as saying that Chicane started the Trance scene. Offshore: and then Saltwater becoming the aural backdrop to the Ibiza of sunsets and sunrises; Offshore first coming into existence in 1996.

He prefers to remain an enigma; preferring to stay up a mountain somewhere in Europe and make music, with the occasional appearance live in whatever figuration takes his fancy. The live appearances in whatever shape or form are always a special event!

What is Frisk Radio?

What is Frisk Radio?

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