Paul Van Dyk

Sunday, 01:00

For more than two decades, the world has known Paul van Dyk as one of Germany's most successful musicians and as one of the ultimate superstars of electronic music.

As an artist, DJ and producer, Paul has surpassed various milestones over the course of his career, including having sold more than 3.5 million albums and being twice voted the world's No.1 DJ.

He has remixed the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, U2 and Depeche Mode. Earning a Grammy nomination and accepting the “Order of Merit” from the state of Berlin are just two of Paul's numerous accomplishments and accolades for his talents.

Recent Shows

Sunday 26/09/21 01:00

Jope - Onsra
Fonzerelli - Loneliness
Johann Stone - Solin
John Grand - Clone Theory
Pablo Gargano - Solaris
Natrix - Carry On
Roderic H - Listen
Brannco - Runaway
Ferry Corsten - Lemme Take You
Philip Castle - Life Goes On
Golden Sky - Take Me Away
Coetzee - She Talks To My Angels
Faraday - Highlight
Paul Sawyer - Journey
Philip Castle - Deja Vu
Eriva - Rebecca Where Is The Virus
Chris Johnson - Locomotion (Relaunch Mix)
Basil Oglue - Sardonia
Oak And Hammer - Lost In You
Terra V - Angular Momentum
Corrigan - Before Your Eyes
Ralphie B - Cayende
Connolly - Pyrogenesis
Husain - Disarming Voice
Boris Deckert - Sunday

Sunday 19/09/21 01:00

V-TI – Northern Lights 
Angel One - Each of Us
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar 
Danny Eaton & Fenna Day - All Smoke & Mirrors
Jora - Myself With You
Evgeny Lebedev - Reflections 
Whitehead & Alande - Take Me Home
Paul Sawyer - Reign 
LTN - Take Me Or Leave Me Interplay
Zack Evans - Skyborne - Scorchin
Maruko - Crumbling Elements 
Tomas Heredia - Gave U My Love 
ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca - Look At Me Now
Miroslav Vrlik - No One 
Stream Rinzen - '90s Child  
Alex Mazel - Colors
Amir Farhoodi - Persepolis
Collide The Sky - Trigger Finger 
Daniel Lesden — A Train Into Darkness 
The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra - Amber 
Bryen – Blaze  
Tephra - Foo  
David Di Sabato - Long Gone 
Katoff - Long Night 
Berni Turletti - Kurruf  
Andrei Zinca - Wildflower 
Solarstone - Restless 4 am

Sunday 12/09/21 01:00

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Paul van Dyk's XOXO Remix) 
Roman Messer & Natalie Gioia - Miracle (Ahmed Helmy Remix) 
Muhamed Sherief & FAWZY - Dahlia (Francesco Sambero Remix)
Mike EFEX - The Fallen 
V-TI – Northern Lights 
Avenia - Elation 
Angel One - Each of Us 
DJ T.H. & Alexandra Badoi - Kiss Me
Jora - Myself With You 
Danny Eaton & Fenna Day – All Smoke & Mirrors (Costa Remix) 
Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies
The Strand – Nobody Drinks Champagne Anymore
Whitehead & Alande - Take Me Home
Evgeny Lebedev - Reflections
Hello Machines - Fiyaa 
Enamour - Hands That Feed 
Amir Hussain – Prophecy of Fear
Paul Sawyer - Reign 
Jardin – Deep State 
Astralight - Shards 
LTN - Take Me Or Leave Me Interplay
Eximinds - Exploration Of Self 
Zack Evans - Skyborne
Ilan Bluestone ft. Ellen Smith - Stranger To Your Love
Claudiu Adam - Clepsydra
Paul ICZ - Breathe
Maruko - Crumbling Elements (Kareem Zadd Remix)
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