Dave Adams

Sunday 4pm - 6pm

Club Life is a weekly dance music show hosted by Dave Adams.

Playing the biggest and best club tunes from the late 80’s, 90’s and the naughties, that filled the biggest dance floors worldwide.

Club Life is full of musical memories and nostalgia reminding you of your past clubbin’ days.

From the early days of “Chicago House”, “Dance”, “Garage” and “Trance”. Dave Adams Club Life Show really is all about the classic dance tunes!

Born and raised near Brighton in Sussex, Dave quickly became an accomplished club DJ. After a successful residency at a small nightclub in West Sussex, Dave secured the position of resident 2nd DJ at Rank Leisure’s 2000 capacity “Top Rank Suite” in Brighton. This carved the way to a highly successful club DJ career.

Dave fulfilled a six month tour of Norway, DJ’ing at some of the country’s most high profile venues.

Dave has worked as a compere for various National Tours such as “The U.K. DJ of The Year Competition”, and major product launch tours. He has attained award-winning status for his outstanding DJ’ing ability. In addition, Dave has frequently hosted major outside gigs to thousands of people.


Recent Shows

Sunday 12/12/21 16:00

Clublife with Dave Adams

Sunday 12/12/21 16:00

Clublife with Dave Adams

Sunday 12/12/21 16:00

Clublife with Dave Adams
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