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Frisk - Your #1 Dance Music Station at Frisk Radio - Non-Stop Dance Hits
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Written 5 years ago by Jess Keller

Frisk Radio is your #1 Dance Music Station!

We've got thousands of dance tracks on our playlist. You'll hear everything from old skool classics, right up to today's freshest and funkiest house music releases.

And... if you love remixes, we're also playing the hottest remixes of today's chart hits!

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What Dance Music does Frisk Radio Play?

Dance music encompasses a wide range of sub-genres, including Deep House, Funky House, disco house, and pop-dance.

At Frisk Radio, we play tracks from all these genres, mixed together into our daily Frisk Formula which keeps our station a great sound and commercial appeal!


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What is Frisk Radio?

What is Frisk Radio?

Frisk Radio is the UK's dance music radio station playing old skool bangers, blazing remixes and fresh new dance music.

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